Wise Guys

I love owls and wanted a quick project as a break from a baby blanket that wouldn’t end. I couldn’t find quite what I wanted so I came up with this guy. A quick, simple project for sure. I like to wear him like a brooch to fancy up my work uniform. He would be great on a hat or ear warmer too.

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You will need: worsted weight yarn in the main color, white, and yellow. 2 safety eyes, a small circle of felt, and a pin back. Obviously if you are making an applique with him you won’t need the felt or pin.


I used worsted weight Hobby Lobby I Love this yarn and a size G 4.25 mm hook.

Using your main color chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to make a circle.


Chain 3 and then 13 DC into circle. I crochet over the end at this point to avoid weaving it in. Slip stitch into the top of the chain 3 to join.



Chain 3 then 2 DC into each stitch. Join with slip stitch and break yarn. Weave on your ends.


Eyes, make 2.

Start just like the owl head. Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch.

Chain 2. 10 HDC into circle. Join with slip stitch and break yarn. Don’t worry about the ends.


For the ears cut 6 3 inch strings. Three for each side.

Now it is time to assemble your owl.

I used safety eyes but you could use buttons or beads. Put just the post part of the safety eye thru the white center. Hold the first eye in place and using your crochet hook pull one end thru and then the other but over a stitch. Tie them together, poke the safety eye thru, and put on the back. Repeat for the second eye. You could sew the eyes on if you prefer but they were on well with out.

Using yellow yarn add the beak. I thought it looked cute going on the bottom of the eyes a bit. Poke up thru the bottom of one eye and down thru the bottom of the other. Make a triangle and fill in with stitches. I am not so great at embroidery. Sorry for the clear directions on this part.

For the ears fold 3 strands of yarn in half and pull thru with crochet hook. Pass the ends thru the loop, pull tight, and trim to size. Repeat on the second side.


Trim any ends but don’t worry about making it neat. Cut a circle from felt and hot glue on. Hot glue pin back and let dry.

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