Summertime Favorites: Try These Recipes for Your Next BBQ

I just love taking a dish to pass to a BBQ, cookout, potluck, family event, whatever you want to call it I want to bring something! Maybe it’s a little bit to show off but I really do enjoy cooking for others. I’ve gather up some of the best BBQ side dish recipes I could find to share with you! Let me know what you decide to make.

Usually I like to make a side dish or salad and a dessert. I have already made a post with my Favorite Dessert Bar recipes so I won’t repeat those here. Dessert bars are especially well suited for sharing. Be sure to check that post out!

Salad Recipes

Summer time cookouts always have me wanting something cool and fresh! Here are some of my favorite salad recipes for you to try:

This Broccoli Salad recipe is one of my personal favorites. It’s a vintage recipe that I’m sure you have had at some point. The combination of sweet and tangy is perfect for summer. Make this one at least a few hours before but its best if it can sit overnight. My hubby wanted me to skip the raisins because “that’s weird” but as usual I didn’t listen and he liked it just fine. Don’t let the odd combination scare you!

Dairy Free Balsamic Blueberry & Broccoli Salad is fresh take on the more traditional Broccoli Salad I’ve made. Using dairy free yogurt instead of mayonnaise keeps this allergy safe for those with a dairy allergy. It’s not necessary but is better for this to be made at least an hour ahead of when you plan to serve it.

Summer Pickled Cucumbers might be my Mom’s favorite food! Simple and fresh they are perfect for your summer parties. Not only great as a BBQ side dish these go great on hamburgers or hotdogs. Double or triple this if you have an excess of cucumbers from your garden.

Corn & Black Bean Salad is an easy and colorful salad that happens to be both vegan and paleo! Not only is a great for a cookout recipe it will also make a great side dish for your favorite Mexican meal. You could even bulk it up on a bed of spinach or greens and have it for Meatless Monday.

For something a bit different that everyone will love try this Refreshing Mango Salsa Salad. I think this would go especially well with fish or chicken.

Cookie and sweet treat Recipes

You can’t go wrong taking something sweet! Who doesn’t like dessert? I’ve made a point to only share easy recipes here. Two just happen to be gluten free! And one has a surprise ingredient. We haven’t forgotten our vegan friends either. Too hot to turn on your oven? Don’t worry I’ve got a no-bake cookie recipe for you too!

Potato Chip Cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Everyone loves this vintage recipe and is surprised to find out what makes them so good is that they have potato chips in them! This might be one to make after your cookout with mostly gone bag of chips that always seem to be leftover!

Too hot to bake? No problem! Try these Canadian Cottage Cookies. The addition of shredded coconut and nuts really makes these easy no bake cookies tasty. Don’t care for nuts? No problem just leave them out and use a bit more shredded coconut.

These are my number one most often made cookie. Why? They only take 4 ingredients!!! Peanut butter, egg, sugar, and vanilla. That’s it! Heck you could even skip the vanilla if you wanted! I hope you will give these 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies a try! These also happen to be gluten free!

If you want to take just a little something Grandma S’s Butterscotch Brownies would be an excellent choice. They make a small 8×8 pan.

Gotta have cake? This chocolaty cake from the depression era is just what you need. Wacky Cake uses no eggs or oil. Like the Butterscotch Brownie recipe this only makes a 8×8 pan. Perfect for a smaller gathering. Another one of those old fashioned recipes that happens to meet special diet rules, Wacky Cake is vegan.

I hope you have found a new favorite summer time recipe. This truly is a collection of the best of the best! Find me on Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you made!

A special thank you to my talented friends at Foodie Home Chef and Not Quiet Super Mom for letting me share a couple of their best recipes with you! Be sure to check them out

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