Easy Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

This cream cheese frosting recipe is so easy to make! You will never need to buy store bought again! Not too sweet, this recipe really lets the tangy cream cheese flavor shine. Perfect for Pumpkin Spice Cake, the super easy Chocolate Wacky Cake, or on a Traditional Spice Cake. This homemade cream cheese frosting recipe will be your new go to frosting for all sorts of baked goods.

I have been intimidated with making my own frosting for ever! My first try making homemade frosting was with White Fudge Frosting and while it wasn’t bad it wasn’t the best ever either. I’m still not sure where I messed up with that recipe!

Creamy white cream cheese frosting on a pumpkin cake.

This cream cheese frosting recipe won’t let you down! I loved it so much I didn’t even let a kid lick the spoon! I saved it for myself!

Somehow in all my vintage recipe boxes I didn’t have a single cream cheese frosting recipe! It was getting embarrassing sharing recipes here with you and then having to admit that I topped my scratch made cake with store bought frosting! Thankfully both Sandy and Debbie in the Vintage Recipe Test and Share group on Facebook saved the day by sharing this recipe with me to share with you! Sandy’s version called for vanilla but I forgot to add it! Whoops! Still tasted amazing! I’ll try it next time I make it.

Tips for making Cream Cheese frosting

  • Be sure that both your butter and cream cheese are room temperature.
  • Buy the full fat cream cheese that comes in an 8 oz brick not the spread that is in a tub.
  • Refrigerate all leftovers and what you have frosted.
  • The longer you mix this the lighter and fluffier it will be.
  • Yields approximately 2 Cups. Plenty for a 9×13 cake or a dozen cupcakes.
  • Make up to 2 days ahead and refrigerate. When ready to use let come to room temperature.
  • Change up the flavor by adding vanilla or up to 1/2 Cup of unsweetened cocoa powder.

How to make a thicker frosting

  • This makes a creamy frosting that isn’t especially firm. Not recommended for frosting things that need it’s frosting to hold its shape.
  • Refrigerate 15-20 minutes. This is the best way to thicken this recipe without changing the taste.
  • Try adding cornstarch. Start with 1 Tablespoon but use no more than 2.
  • Add more powdered sugar. Start with 2 Tablespoons and see how the texture and taste is before adding more.

Why I love this easy homemade cream cheese frosting recipe

  • So easy to make! You will never resort to buying store bought frosting again!
  • Only 3 ingredients that I usually have on hand. 4 if you add vanilla.
  • Cream cheese frosting goes perfect on so many desserts.
  • It really is yummy, like seriously really good.
Close up of pumpkin cake frosted with cream cheese frosting.

Easy Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Servings: 24
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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Super easy and amazingly delicious cream cheese frosting. Goes well on many baked goods.

Be sure to bring your cream cheese and butter to room temperature.

For serving size and nutrition information I used 24, the number of slices of cake the frosting covered.

Refrigerate all leftovers and what you frosted.

Optional: add 2 tsp of vanilla extract

Credit: YourEverydayHeirlooms.com


  • 1 stick of butter (4 oz) room temperature
  • 1 8 oz brick of cream cheese room temperature
  • 1 Cup of powdered sugar


  1. Place all ingredients into a large bowl.
  2. Mix with handheld mixer or stand mixer for 3 minutes on low. Scrape sides and bottom with spatula. Mix for 3 minutes on high.


Per Serving: 86 calories; 7.1 g fat; 5.2 g carbohydrates; .8 g protein; 21 mg cholesterol; 55 mg sodium.

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