Toffee Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are a crowd pleaser and so easy to make. A not to sweet sugar cookie crust is topped with chocolate and butterscotch chips.

Close up of toffee cookie bars cut into squares with chocolate and butterscotch.

I found this recipe in the recipe box I bought at an estate sale. It had been in my must make pile for way too long! I needed a last minute treat for my son to take and I had everything on hand for these so finally I made them. I don’t know I waited so long. Really easy to put together and they were a huge hit.

The rough edges and stains were clear signs this was a much loved recipe at some point. I wish I had more information about the lady who’s collection this was in. Even just her name. Her memory is living on with me every time I make something from her recipe box. So at least there’s that.

The back of the card reads “sprinkle with chopped nuts. Cut into desired shapes”. As you can see I skipped the nuts. My pizza cutter was perfect for cutting these once they cooled.

Close up of typed recipe card. Yellow with age with stains.

Why I love these cookie bars

  • Super easy to make!
  • All of the ingredients are ones I usually have on hand. No special trip to the store needed.
  • Makes a large 9×13 pan, approximately 15 squares. Perfect for sharing. You can easily cut them smaller if desired.
  • It’s easy to make half the pan chocolate and the other butterscotch so everyone can have their favorite.

tips for making toffee cookie bars

  • Melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips in the microwave. Don’t try to sprinkle them on top and put it back in the oven. Trust me it didn’t work!
  • Spray a light coating of nonstick spray or use parchment paper. There is a good amount of butter and shortening but I like to be safe.
  • If you need to serve them quickly pop them in the refrigerator to help the chips set faster.
  • Use a pizza cutter to get nice smooth cuts.


Try other flavors of chips. The base is a delicious sugar cookie type flavor but really is quite neutral. I used butterscotch and milk chocolate because I had them on hand and they go well together. I’d suggest white chocolate, espresso, or cinnamon if you can find them.

If you had to you could use white sugar instead of brown sugar. It will take away some of the depth of flavor.

Toffee Cookie Squares on a plate with the typed recipe card in the back ground.

Why Butter and shortening

Butter adds delicious flavor while shortening helps these toffee cookie bars be taller and more tender. The shortening helps these cookie bars not fall flat. I have only made them with 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening like the recipe calls for. If using all butter I would expect them to still taste great but to be flatter. For all shortening they will be nice and fluffy but missing some of that extra butter flavor, I would consider using some imitation butter flavoring if using only shortening.

Tastes of Lizzy T has a really great post where she made cookies using practically every combination of refrigeration and butter vs shortening! You really should give it a look. Her test found that 1/2 shortening and 1/2 butter with an hour of refrigeration made the best cookies, and that 1/2 and 1/2 no refrigeration made the prettiest. I’m sure the same reasoning applies to why these toffee squares are so good!


Cookie bars store extremely well. In a tightly sealed container at room temperature they should keep for up to 5 days.

other dessert bar recipes

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Coconut and brown sugar are the winning combination in Mystery Bars. I wish I knew what the mystery is with these!

Oatmeal Bars have all the oatmeal cookie flavor we love packed into an easy to make bar instead. I think these are an especially good breakfast cookie (that’s a thing right?) because they go so well with a cup of coffee!

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Toffee Cookie Bars

  • Servings: 15
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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These cookie bars are a crowd pleaser and so easy to make. A not to sweet sugar cookie crust is topped with chocolate and butterscotch chips.

If desired top with crushed nuts before the topping cools.



  • 1/2 Cup room temperature butter
  • 1/2 Cup shortening
  • 1 Cup brown sugar packed
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon slat
  • 2 Cups all purpose flour
  • 1 Cup of chocolate or butterscotch chips use more if you like


    Pre Heat oven to 325
  1. Cream together the butter, shortening, brown sugar, and egg yolk.
  2. Add vanilla, salt, and flour. Mix well.
  3. Press into an even layer in a greased 9×13 baking dish.
  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 325 until cookie crust is set and lightly browned.
  5. While the crust is baking melt your chips in the microwave. Stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted.
  6. Pour melted chips over the baked dough while it is still hot.
  7. If desired place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to set the top. Once cool cut into squares.


Per Serving: 276 calories; 16.8 g fat; 28.9 g carbohydrates; 2.8 g protein; 33 mg cholesterol; 134 mg sodium.

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