Green Pepper Steak: Easy Weeknight Dinner

This is another easily adaptable recipe from my father in law. I don’t know the history of this dish but it was in his box and in his handwriting!

I have also made the Sauerkraut Dish of his! You might catch a trend here and see he is a meat eater!

The Green Pepper Steak recipe is an easy dinner to make up quick. You could marinate the meat and chop the veggies before. Other veggies like baby corn, snap peas, and broccoli would all be delicious additions. Add a bit more liquid and adjust cook time as needed. This is a forgiving and versatile dish.

My only change is less oil. Use enough to generously coat your pan but the 1/4 C listed is too much. I will change that in the written directions.

Green Pepper Steak

1 lb beef chuck or round cut into thin strips

1/4 C soy sauce

1 clove garlic minced

1/2 tsp ginger

Cooking oil to generously coat pan

1 C green onion

1 C green or red peppers

2 stalks of celery

1 Tbsp cornstarch

3/4 C water use less if not needed

2 tomatoes cut in wedges

Combine soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Add beef, toss and set aside. Slice veggies. Heat oil in large frying pan or work. Add beef, heat until browned. Cover and simmer 30-40 minutes on low heat. Turn heat up and add vegetables. Cook covered about 10 minutes. Mix cornstarch with water, add to pan. Stir until thick. Add tomatoes.

I used red and yellow peppers because my grocery store did not have good looking green ones. So use what you have!

We had our over rice but it would be good on it’s own with a salad.