Recipe Boxes

Easter Sunday my father in law mentioned that his Mom used to make pineapple upside cake, the dessert I brought, all the time. I guess it was all the rage and a very popular dish to make and share. As the conversation continued he mentioned he has two recipe boxes and offered to show them to me. Of course I jumped at the chance and somehow convinced him to let me borrow them.

Packed full!

After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby I have my very own box and cute recipe cards. They were even half off!

The floral is mine.

Of course the old size is the same as index cards (3×5) and the new popular size is 4×6. I’m trying to not let that bother me too much.

I will be trying out some recipes soon and sharing them here with you all!

A few of my favorites.

Do any of you use a recipe card box? I’d love to hear about it!