Grandma R’s Recipe Box

Easter Sunday my father in law mentioned that his Mom used to make pineapple upside cake, the dessert I brought, all the time. I guess it was all the rage and a very popular dish to make and share. As the conversation continued he mentioned he has two recipe boxes and offered to show them to me. Of course I jumped at the chance and somehow convinced him to let me borrow them. 


I have been sharing recipes from both of these boxes for a while now. I am going to try something a bit different and go through each box one category at a time. I’m going to photograph the cards and share them here without making this first.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.

  • #1 to get the recipes shared and preserved on the internet.
  • If I waited to share only once I’ve made them they will never all get posted.
  • I’m building a community on Facebook to test and share vintage recipes. I hope you will join us!

This page will be the landing page for all of Grandma R’s recipes. It will be changing over time as I get new ones posted as well as link ones that are already live.

Recipes in Grandma R’s Recipe Box